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Please visit the Chocolate truffle page for scent descriptions of those.

Floral and more. Classic and unique blends: Jungle Gardenia: Intensely floral, intensely passionate. This Gardenia is Wild, but Very Feminine Rose: Traditional rose with a touch of honey Violet: ever timeless down through the ages .Angel: A soft, very feminine scent for those angelic days Wisteria: highly aromatic floral, sort of like Honeysuckle, a bit like Hyacinth.
Midnight Jasmine: Classical Jasmine straight up. Nag Champa: Travel to far away lands where they burn this aroma daily hour after hour. It's neutral yet distinct. Almost everyone loves it, even people who don't like incense. It's the Jamaican blue mountain of incense.
Clean aromas, from vivaciously fresh to softly subtle: Jade: one of our top sellers and has been since day one. It's clean, yet slightly sweet. Indigo: Light, yet airy, deep but in a deep soft Midnight blue sort of way .Fairy dust: Light airy lemon verbena with a vanilla base
Enchantress: notes of moss, chocolate, vanilla, and a touch of florals Kismet: A light scent perfect for summer. Along traditional lines with neroli, myrrh, and a hint of musk it works well for casual or evening wear
Warm scents, Classic and unique blends: See also dessert scents below. Amber: Resiny, warm, and sweet. Subtle at first with depth as you wear it. Nile Musk: Sensuous musk, lyrically haunting all day long. Patchouli:Deep, Rich, Earthy. A scent people Love or dislike strongly. Nothing in-between about Patchouli. Looking for a real one, this is it. Sandalwood: Soft classic Sandalwood
Mystic Gold: Warm woods and resins, bergamot and frankincense dance together for a truly delightful scent
Celtic Woods: Seductive, passionate, and for those that know what they want out of life.
Fruit and dessert scents: Calorie free, but very tempting. Apricot: Luscious, sweet Apricot! Vanilla Almond: It's back! Toasted almonds and Vanilla Golden Oak: Incredibly warm and nutty, If you love Vanilla, this scent is calling you Mocha: warm chocolate, coffee, and creamy..
Vanilla: Warm, basic Vanilla with no strings attached. Cinnamon fire :Sweet and spicy cinnamon. Fiery hot! Not recommended for sensitive skin or areas. Sugar & Spice: Sugar laced with ginger, cinnamon, and a hint of clove and nutmeg. Not recommended for sensitive skin or areas.




























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